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Maintains Blood Sugar

Unhealthy snacks cause a harmful increase in blood sugar. Live healthier with Taste Good – India’s first tasty biscuits with karela. It has been fortified with almonds, oats & wheat fiber. A sugar-free, high fiber snack, it helps to maintain blood sugar levels.


India’s Rising Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a fast-growing epidemic in India. 6% of Indians are diabetic, and 11% pre-diabetic. In fact, 9% of those living in cities are diabetic. Reason – family history, desk jobs, and ever-present sugar. Exercise helps but not enough. You need low calorie, high–fiber, sugar-free snacks to prevent the spikes. Maintain blood sugar, defeat diabetes!

Karela – The Bitter Solution…

Karela, kakarkaya, mugidide – a bitter gourd is known by many names but consumed for the same reasons – to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Highly recommended in Ayurveda, it:

Whole Wheat Is Highly
Whole Wheat Breaks Glucose
for Energy
Whole Wheat Lowers
Cholestrol Levels

...Not Bitter Anymore

Karela is healthy but hated. Why? Because it is bitter.

Not anymore with Taste Good – a healthy, high fiber snack for the calorie-conscious! It has been created using advanced food technology. Each biscuit contains the goodness of 20 gm of karela. It has been carefully dehydrated and powdered. Thus, the bitterness is gone but the benefits stay. The taste is enhanced by adding oats and almonds.

Whole Wheat Advanced Food Tech for Almost Zero Bitterness
Whole Wheat Goodness of 20g of Karela in Each Biscuit

Goodness of Taste, Goodness of Health

Azista dreams of a diabetes-free India. It is proud to present India’s first karela biscuit – Taste Good.

With these natural, low calorie and protein rich foods, Taste Good is a diabetic friendly, healthy, delicious snack biscuit.

Whole Wheat Karela
Whole Wheat Almonds
Whole Wheat Oats
Whole Wheat Whole Wheat
Whole Wheat


Improves digestive health; Keeps you feeling full
Whole Wheat

No Sugar

Only natural sugar & almonds; Helps maintain blood sugar levels
Whole Wheat

No Transfat

Reduces heart disease risk; Keeps heart healthy
Whole Wheat

No Cholesterol

Maintains heart health; Lowers risk of heart attacks

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Our Partners in Sugar Control

Working with all towards a diabetes-free India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions most frequently asked by customers. If you have a query, you can dive right in here.

Yes. Each Taste Good of 10 gm contains the goodness of 20 gm of karela. 20 gm karela is converted to 2 gm using advanced food technology so that the goodness is retained but the bitterness has been removed.

The percentage of karela in each biscuit is high (20%). 20 grams of Karela has been dehydrated and powdered using advanced food technology to 2 grams. Thus, the goodness is retained but the bitterness gets removed. You can taste Karela in the small bits and flakes.

20 gm karela is converted to 2 gm using advanced food technology so that the goodness is retained but the bitterness gets removed. You can taste Karela in the small bits and flakes. Almonds, oats and whole wheat fiber added to make the taste even better.

Taste Good biscuits are extremely healthy. Crispy biscuits generally have 0.5 grams or more of sugar which acts as a binding agent. Taste Good has just 0.2 grams of sugar per biscuit which makes them healthy but soft.

Taste Good has been made using advanced food technology which ensures that the goodness of karela is retained but the bitterness gets removed. Also, it has only 0.2 grams of sugar as compared to 0.5 grams in other biscuits which makes it healthier. Almonds, oats and wheat fiber have also been added.

Karela flakes, oats, almonds and whole wheat fiber have been added as the active ingredients.

Refined flour is in the dough used to make biscuits. At Azista, we have tried to use the minimum possible quantity which is within safe consumption levels and is not harmful to your health. Whole wheat fiber has been added to increase the fiber content of the biscuits.

There’s no added sugar in Taste Good biscuits. A little amount of artificial sweetener (INS 955) has been added as it acts as a binding agent and to increase shelf life. It is safe for consumption by diabetics and non-diabetics and is a healthy alternative for white sugar.

Taste Good is a healthy alternative for the traditional snacks which are high in unhealthy sugars. Regular consumption of it helps maintain blood sugar levels. Maintaining uniform blood sugar levels is recommended to prevent the onset of diabetes.

One pack contains 5 sachets with 2 biscuits each. Thus one pack has 10 biscuits.

Each biscuit has 41.5 kcal of energy.

There are the product is 100% natural and has no side effects. However, we suggest pregnant and lactating ladies consult with the doctor before consumption.

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